Itly Group

Italy and USA: closer than ever before


Through the tools made available by ITLY SERVICES, American consumers will be able to purchase products that represent the design, quality and beauty of Italy.


Bringing Italy and the USA virtually closer, ITLY SERVICES has created a series of services that are dedicated to Italian brands looking for new American consumers that will appreciate the quality and uniqueness of their products.


With ITLY SERVICES even small and medium-sized Italian businesses, that until today only sold locally, can seamlessly reach new American customers.


For Italian businesses, ITLY SERVICES will be an irreplaceable partner, allowing their best products to reach the United States market without having to worry about transport, customs procedures and foreign currency exchange.

Itly Services Group

Over three million dollars of invested capital

The co-founders of come from a variety of successful and entrepreneurial backgrounds in the retail and e-commerce sector, starting from Italy and arriving in the United States. The actual company structure is composed of founding partners and an internationally experienced managerial team. currently has over three million dollars of active investments throughout the various companies of the group.

  • Capital invested to date: $3,200,000
  • Valuation of technological assets of the group as of 2014: $3,000,000
  • Availability of capital for future investments and expansion: $2,000,000