Case Study

Your product is one of a kind

Your creations, which to you might seem normal, are something truly extraordinary for the rest of the world. Italy is full of talent and there are still plenty of amazing Italian creations waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world. 

Your talent should be made known, developed and promoted. We want to help you release the true potential that is hidden in the superior quality of your products.

If yesterday American consumers were asking for mass-produced and low cost items, today they are paying greater attention to the quality of a unique artisan production, favoring the demand for Made in Italy in the United States.

The keys to success

EXPORT: Italy ranks among one of the top ten countries globally, exporting an estimated 480 billion dollars in goods each year, of which only 35 billion is directed towards the United States. 

DIGITALThrough the power of e-commerce, a company can increase its sales on average by 24% to 39%.

ITALYIn the last years, Italy has risen to become a true brand. Made in Italy is the world’s third most recognized name after Coca Cola and Visa.

How much and what sells online in the USA

A 262 billion dollar market. Increasing 14% each year

“The overall improvement of the American real estate and job markets will stimulate internal demand, creating a positive influence for the import of Italian products, which have always been appreciated by American consumers.”

Made in Italy distinguishes itself in the market segments relative to niche products with greater added value (e.g. clothing, jewelry, furniture).

Entering into the United States market

With ITLY SERVICES you can take part of the many benefits that our organized operational structure and tailor-made internationalization plan offers your growing business.

Start making sales, sooner that later

The solutions of ITLY SERVICES allow for an easy setup and minimize the problems that may arise when entering a new international market for the first time.

Thanks to the help of a trusted partner

A long-term relationship with ITLY SERVICES based on an agreement of revenue sharing allows for the proper incentive and corresponding respect for both parties.