How To Beat The Winter Blues

Let’s face it – the long winter month’s are here, and yes, they can be a real drag for some of us. The cold weather and darkness can take their toll on our emotional state and it’s important to let the light in, both literally and figuratively speaking. There are many of us who rush off to work in the wee hours of the morning, to return home to a dark night without having a mere glimpse of the sun throughout the day. This dull routine can run its course, but have no fear – there are many great remedies to ward off the winter blues.


The lack of natural sunlight can make it tempting for us to go into hibernation mode. Don’t do it! Even if you don’t have time to go jogging or make it to the gym, walk that extra mile instead of taking the quickest route home. A little extra exercise is a great for the mind and body. Physical exercise is also known to increase serotonin and endorphin levels, leading to a more positive mood.

Mangiare bene

It goes without saying that Italians love to eat well. During the winter months, it’s even taken up a notch. Recipes become richer and the kitchen is transformed into a place of warmth and refuge to shelter from the frightful winter weather taking place outside. Make some extra time to try that new recipe you’ve always wanted to make and enjoy mealtime with friends and family.

Get Off Facebook, Turn Off The TV

While it may seem comforting to watch TV or socialize through social media, studies have shown that it may not be the best remedy to counter the winter blues. Facebook and Twitter are great ways to stay connected with family and friends, but use them in small doses. The weather outside is frightful and don’t want to leave your home? There are many other things you can do to boost your mood. Dust off that book you bought over the summer and get lost in the pages of a great story. Have you always wanted to learn a foreign language? There are tons of free resources online. Give Duolingo a try and brush up on your Italian or have a shot at an even more difficult language like Russian, which was just released this week for English speakers! It’s important to keep your mind stimulated, and what better time to do so than winter.

Brighten Up Your Home

Make up for the lack of natural sunlight by adding some additional lighting to your home’s décor. Light has been known to play a therapeutic role in battling the winter blues and you should create a bright atmosphere while you’re cooped up inside. There are tons of great ways to add some brightness to your interior spaces with an awesome touch of style. Check out some of our designer lighting solutions sourced directly from Italy.

Reconnect With Old Friends

Wintertime is a great occasion to rekindle old friendships while working to establish new ones. Take the time to reconnect and indulge in the simple things in life. It’s so easy to get lost in our busy routines, but make that extra effort to reach out to friends that you may have lost touch with over the course of the year. Laugh over a bottle of good wine, indulge in some amazing food and enjoy the great company. The winter months can be cold and dark, but follow these simple tips to let the light in and create a warmth that will set the right mood for the holiday season.


7 Awesome Gifts for Book Lovers

So you have that close friend or family member who can’t seem to put down a good book? We’ve got some awesome gift ideas for the most fanatic bookworms. Italian home compliments are perfect for readers, as they create a warm and comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for passing hours with your favorite new book. From Italian made bookshelves to stunning accessories, there is sure to be something that will make an unforgettable gift for the most passionate of readers.


 DOiT 57 Creative Bookcase in Calamine Steel1. DOiT 57 Creative Bookcase in Calamine Steel

Meticulously crafted by Italian designer Caoscreo, the DOiT 57 bookcase features a sleek modern design and is the perfect piece to proudly display your most precious books. A laboratory of ideas, an intersection of talent, a land in between the idea and the productive experience – Caoscreo is an eco-made Italian brand that transforms metal and raw materials into essential, original and functional designer pieces that have a low environmental impact and are suitable for any home.



Handcrafted Metal Bookend2. Handcrafted Metal Bookend

Modelled after the stunning skyline of Bergamo, this handcrafted bookend makes a truly unique and precious gift for readers. Made from stamped metal, it is entirely handcrafted in Italy, ensuring a truly unique gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.


Handcrafted Metal Bookend3. Totò Ceramic Dog Lamp

Every reader needs good lighting when enjoying his favorite book. How about a little company too? Totò is the perfect companion, bringing light, warmth and Italian style to the home. He is a stylish dog that shines brightly, and is a cheerful compliment to welcome into your home.



Judd Wall Shelf Set

4. Judd Wall Shelf Set

Simplicity and functionality are the essential elements in contemporary Italian design. The Judd Wall Shelf set features five shelves by Italian designer TEEBOOKS. These floating shelves feature a simple linear design and can support up to 45 pounds of weight.

Wool Cashmere Messenger Bag5. Wool Cashmere Messenger Bag

A reader on the go? Bring your books and work with you in style. Just in time for the fall/winter season, this Cashmere Messenger by STMA is the perfect everyday accessory. The interior is lined with colored felt and features an internal leather pocket for storing cellphones and other items. The bag is handmade in Italy from a high quality cashmere wool blend and features a rigid core to protect items from shock.

Claudette Shelf 6. Claudette Shelf

Every cloud has a silver lining – give your room a boost of positivity with these fun and stylish floating shelves by Caoscreo. Available in an endless variety of colors and two models (Left or Right), the Claudette shelves can be combined to accentuate your unique living spaces. 100% eco-Made in Italy.

Bookmark Bookshelf 7. Bookmark Bookshelf

A truly unique handcrafted piece that will delight the most intellectual readers, the Bookmark Bookshelf is a masterpiece of contemporary Italian design by Stefano Mazzucchetti. The Bookmark Shelf is crafted from a natural wood slab and features a careful combination of metal elements to create a simple yet functional contemporary design. Books can be hung from the metal branches, which also serve as handy bookmarks to remind you where you left off in your favorite books.


The fall is coming: 5 stunning fall décor ideas

The changing of the seasons is something really magical isn’t it? After a long summer filled with warm weather and precious memories, the leaves start to embrace the colors of fall and a cool breeze marks the end of one period and the beginning of another.

Wandering through the bustling streets of Milan, one can immediately sense this feeling of change. The pleasant fragrance of roasted chestnuts in the air and warm fall colors penetrating through the carefully decorated storefront windows offers a sense of warmth and welcome to the new season. Fall is a season of transformation, reflection and internal warmth. Here are some awesome fall décor ideas that will brighten your home with seasonal warmth and comfort.

Warm up your home with fall colors

fall decor ideasThe transformation from summer to winter can be best noted from the magical colors that are present in nature. Bring these beautiful colors into your home to create a comfortable atmosphere that is both warm and welcoming. The Roger Coat Rack, for example, is a modern home accessory that is perfect for adding a touch of fall to your home’s décor. This stylish coat rack is designed and created by Caoscreo, an Italian brand that gets its inspiration from nature and strives to create unique eco-friendly products for the home. The Roger Coat Rack is entirely handcrafted in Italy and takes the unique form of a tree, allowing your guests to hang their coats on its metal branches. Composed of three modules, the rack is easily assembled and is a unique modern element for your home décor.

Implement natural wood elements

Bookmark (2)

Implement natural wood elements

Natural wood is the perfect material to implement into your home’s fall décor. As trees slowly lose their leaves in the fall, they begin to show their beautiful branches, an element that is often hidden throughout the spring and summer months. The Bookmark Shelf by Stefano Mazzucchetti features a natural wood slab, carefully united with metal elements to create a simple yet practical design. Books can be hung from the metal branches that also serve as a handy bookmark to never forget where you left off in your favorite books.

Use candles to light up the long nights


Implement natural wood elements

There’s nothing quite as comforting as the natural glow that comes from candlelight. Implement candles into your home’s fall décor and be sure to use them! There are so many great scents to choose from that will evoke memories of fall gatherings with friends and family at your home. Try some new scents like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, or apple. Candles can be implemented in your living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen to bring an addition touch of warmth. Potpourri is also a great way to add a gentle natural scent to your home. You can display your favorite potpourri throughout the home.

Keep it simple and stylish

Italian home design is often notorious for its simplicity and careful attention to the little details. Your should try to keep your décor as simple as possible without creating too much clutter. Remember that less is more, and that the perfect balance can be achieved by uniting even the simplest of elements to your home.

Create a cozy atmosphere for family and friends

While the summer months are reminiscent of the outdoors and vacations to faraway sunny places, fall is about creating internal warmth and sharing that experience with family and friends. Create an environment that will bring everyone together for unforgettable dinners supported by endless conversation. Light a fire and share a bottle of great wine as you embrace the beauty and warmth of the fall season. Create a cozy atmosphere for family and friends





5 Rules to Accessorize a Wedding Guest Attire

So you’ve received the invite in the mail, penciled the date into your calendar, sent back your RSVP and can’t wait for the wedding day to finally come! Weddings are exciting moments to share with family and friends and the anticipation grows greater as the day draws closer. Time flies by and before you know it, it’s time to pick your outfit to wear to the wedding. You have just one little problem: you don’t know what to wear! Don’t panic, because we’ve got some great tips to get you through an unforgettable wedding with a touch of class and Italian style.

Less Is More

It might sound cliché but less is really more. When choosing the perfect outfit for a wedding you really don’t want to overdo it. Italian style is often renowned for the sheer simplicity and minimalistic beauty that is obtained from the careful selection and combination of different elements. Don’t forget to keep your outfit simple and follow the requested dress code. Based on the dress code you will know how much flexibility you have when choosing the perfect outfit to wear. You should avoid wearing flashy dresses or showing off too much skin. Everyone’s eyes are going to be fixed on the bride, and you really don’t want to steal her show or gain some unwanted attention.

Choose Your Necklace Wisely


Lab Matì Silver Heart Necklace

Nothing too flashy – choose a simple necklace that matches your unique personality and compliments your outfit. A perfect example would be the Heart Necklace, handcrafted by Italian designer Lab Matì. The heart pendant is suspended from a classic knot in sterling silver. This simple “figure-eight” knot symbolizes the strength and endurance of true love, as it becomes stronger and more resilient, even through stressful and trying situations. Sterling silver and white gold necklaces offer a lot of flexibility to your wardrobe and can be matched with your outfit to give your style a boost.

Wear Pieces That Create a Perfect Outfit

Here’s where your creativity and style come into play. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter the price or designer label of the dress, but rather your ability to combine different elements to make the perfect outfit. You can combine different colors and accessories to create that perfect outfit that will compliment your figure, skin tone and personality. Before wedding day, have a dress rehearsal to put your outfit together. Start by choosing your dress and add a touch of style by trying on different accessories. Don’t feel rushed and have fun trying new accessory combinations that you haven’t tried before. It’s not every day that you get to go to a wedding so make it count! Before choosing your final outfit, have a quick look to make sure all elements flow together and compliment each other nicely. 

Pay Attention to the Small Accessories


Featured: White/Gold Clutch by Labolisna. Brainchild of Margherita Vaghi, founder and creative director of the brand. Her mission: recover textiles once destined for luxury hotels around the world and use them to create an innovative line of stunning handbags that seamlessly unite the couture universe with an easy to wear philosophy.

Choose the right accessories that compliment your outfit. Don’t be afraid to let your style and personality show through your accessories. Not sure what kind of purse to wear? Well, if you don’t need to lug a lot with you, a stylish clutch purse could be the perfect choice for your outfit. Earrings and bracelets are also great ways to boost your outfit’s flare. The most important accessories are the shoes you’ll be wearing on that memorable occasion. We don’t recommend buying shoes just for the wedding as most shoes need to be broken in beforehand and you want to be comfortable while dancing with the bride and groom. If you must wear high heels, use your discretion and be sure that they aren’t drawing too much attention and go well with your outfit.   

Choose the Right Colors


Avoid wearing white at all costs. You don’t want to take attention away from the bride. White is her color, as is any other light shade that may resemble that sacred color. Red should also be avoided as it is often considered too flashy for weddings. You should use your judgment and implement colors that go well with the season of the wedding. Modern pastels offer a great option that compliment any skin tone. There are many other colors to choose from so follow your instinct and you won’t be disappointed!


Why Everybody Loves Italian Home Decor?

Italian home décor is in high demand, and for a good reason! With new designer names popping up and an emphasis on quality and artisan tradition, Italian home décor is taking interior design in the United States by storm. A quick stroll through Miami’s bustling Design District will quickly bring this reality to life. With new Italian designer concepts like Melgrati, Lema, CasaInterior, Bisazza and many more, the trend of Italian style is definitely catching on and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. But what makes Italian home décor so desirable?

Contemporary Design

Italy not only the birthplace of pizza and the Renaissance; it’s also the world trendsetter for contemporary design. Contemporary design encompasses various elements to create a unique style that is current and up to date with today’s needs. Comfort and sustainability are key elements used in the design process, and Italian designers put in a lot of effort to set the trend throughout the world. Italy is home to some of the world’s most unique and quintessential home furnishings, providing many options for you to add a touch of Italian style to your living spaces.

Simple, Clean Lines

Contemporary Design - Italian Home DesignMuch like modern design, contemporary style embraces simplicity and functionality as its core elements. Smooth lines flow together seamlessly to create a simple yet beautiful shape while creating an object that is both comfortable and functional. Space and openness are also key features, which can be noted in the Joker Modular Shelves by Marco Ripa. While appearing light and spacious, the shelves are completely functional and provide enough space to store everyday items. The Joker Shelves are available in a variety of colors and sizes, giving you the option to created various combinations to compliment your living space. Each piece is handcrafted from iron and is an expression of individuality and contemporary style.

Unique Forms

Unique forms Italian

Contemporary design lovers are always searching for that special piece to take center stage in their home. Finding the right compliment piece is a great way to showcase individuality and personal style. Designers strive to meet the current needs of their customers, experimenting with new shapes and unique forms. The Wave Chair by Davide Paganotti is the perfect example of this principle. It uses wood and recovered honeycomb cardboard as a medium to emulate the characteristic shape of a sound wave. Many contemporary designers look to nature for inspiration. Nature often offers a simple solution to the most complex projects. Davide Paganotti crafts and shapes each piece meticulously by hand, ensuring the greatest attention to detail. Achieving balance between natural elements and functionality is a principle that many Italian designers are constantly striving to achieve.

Natural Materials

Natural Materials - Italian Home DesignMaterials play an important role in creating the aesthetic balance that Italian designers constantly thrive for. Quality and longevity are achieved by using only the most sought after materials. Italy has a long history of supplying the world with the highest quality materials for construction and interior design. Natural woods and stone are combined with industry-inspired materials such as iron and steel to create a comfortable yet functional setting. One of the new leaders in contemporary home décor, Melgrati, strives to achieve this harmony by the careful selection of materials used in their design. Some of Italy’s most sought after materials such as marble, stone and natural wood are implemented as a medium to create aesthetically pleasing and unique interior spaces. Each detail is crucial in achieving the perfect harmony between comfort and style and Melgrati is leading the industry in its custom designed interior spaces.

Artisan Craft


 Italian Home Decor - Artisian Craft


Passion, care and attention to detail are all key elements that set Italian home compliments apart from the rest. A handcrafted piece is truly unique and decorating your living space with these one-of-a-kind objects can be a great form of self-expression. Made in Italy is notorious for its traditional manufacturing methods and looks down at the practice of mass production. Take for example the Under Pressure Vase by Italian designer Marco Ripa. Each vase is entirely handcrafted with its own unique personality and particular details. There are no two alike, and this is what Marco Ripa strives for in his extraordinary designs. The little differences once can find are not defects, but rather a tribute to a rich and proud artisan tradition. Marco Ripa crafts a variety of objects in iron, one of his favorite materials. He picked iron as his signature metal because it’s tough to work with, it’s dirty and it also rejects repetition.


Leather Italian handbag

Why Italian Handbags Are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

When looking to buy something as essential as a new handbag, the options really are limitless. With a never ending selection of designer brands, materials and styles, finding that perfect bag can often be a daunting task. The next time you are about to indulge in an impulsive shopping spree, we recommend keeping your cool before dropping some serious cash on the first name brand purse you come across. If you are looking for quality, elegance, sophistication and style, there are several up-and-coming artisan brands coming out of Italy that offer all of this and more at just a fraction of the price.

Quality Materials

It’s no secret that some of the world’s finest leather goods come from Italy. Our artisans use only the most sought after materials, ensuring a superior product that is designed and crafted to not only withstand the test of time, but to do so with unprecedented Italian style.

A Unique Artisan Production

Stand out from the crowd and compliment your wardrobe with a handbag that is just as unique as you are. When buying an artisan label, you can expect to receive a one of a kind piece that has been handmade just for you. Mass produced bags are identical and lack the little characteristics that pay tribute to an intricate artisan tradition.

Italian Style

From sleek sports cars to high end fashion, Italy has been a world trendsetter for its innovative and unique design. Italians love to dress to impress and put a high emphasis on the quality of the material and craftsmanship. Add a touch of Italian style to your wardrobe and don’t forget to slow down and take comfort from the little pleasures in life.  

Support the Made in Italy Tradition

Due to a combination of factors, some of the smaller family-owned artisan brands in Italy are finding it difficult to thrive in an ever changing global market. Many artisan workshops have had to close shop forever, unable to compete with the low prices and low cost of labor in the East. Help keep the artisan tradition alive by buying directly from artisans in Italy.

Our Favorite Artisan Brands

Pablo BaldiniItalian handbag pablo baldini

A name that conveys the excellence, quality and passion of a long held Italian tradition, Pablo Baldini offers an array of Italian leather handbags suitable for any occasion. Each bag is handmade in Florence using only the most prestigious materials, creating a superior product that will endure the test of time.

labolsina's handbagLabolsina

Labolsina is the brainchild of Margherita Vaghi, founder and creative director of the brand. Her mission: recover textiles once destined for luxury hotels around the world and use them to create an innovative line of stunning handbags that seamlessly combine the Couture universe with an easy to wear philosophy.

land and sea Italian handbag

Land and Sea

Inspired by nature, Land and Sea crafts unique accessories using nautical material and authentic Italian leather. Offering products that are practical and efficient for everyday use, the core elements to their brand are simple living, innovation and creativity.

How Italian Dining Can Help You Live a Better Life

How Italian Dining Can Help You Live a Better Life

 Italian Dining

Italian Dining is the heart of every Italian family home. If you’ve ever been to Italy, or if you’ve ever been invited to an Italian family’s home for dinner, you’ve probably come to the immediate conclusion that Italians live to eat. From an endless selection of antipasti, pasta and meat dishes, to the irresistible desserts and pastries, Italian cuisine is probably one of the most diverse in the world. Many people often categorize Italian food as Northern or Southern, based on the variation of a few ingredients. After living in Italy for over five years, I’ve come to realize that this generalization is actually quite inaccurate as it tends to overlook the sheer diversity of Italian cuisine, which varies greatly not only from region to region, but also from city to city. Each Italian city has its own traditional dish and each family a coveted recipe that has been proudly handed down from generation to generation.

More than just a meal

Meal time in Italy is sacred, but the kitchen takes place to much more than just unforgettable meals. Most of my life’s most important milestones and decisions can trace their roots back to a family discussion that originated at my grandparent’s kitchen table. From the time I decided to leave my job to explore new opportunities, to the time I decided to take a huge leap and move to Italy for my studies; we discussed everything together and I knew that my family would always be there to support me and lead me in the right direction.

 Italian Dinings

Take comfort in the simple things

The highlight of my childhood growing up in an Italian-American family was Sunday lunch at my grandparent’s home. This was not your ordinary lunch by any measure. For us it was more like an unofficial holiday. Lunch would start at around 2 pm and last the entire afternoon. In this short amount of time, we would consume amounts of food that would put the world’s most decorated competitive eating champion to shame. The main dish would almost always consist of my grandmother’s ragù or meat sauce. She would start preparing the sauce early in the morning, letting it simmer down on low heat until the meat was tender enough to melt in your mouth. It was prepared in an almost religious manner, carefully following my great grandmother’s closely-guarded recipe that was written down on an aged piece of paper, an heirloom for future generations. Plate after plate of Italian goodness accompanied by laughter, love, comfort and unforgettable conversation. I would not have chosen to grow up any other way.

Time with the family is precious

Today I see iPhones and iPads taking over these precious family moments and a part of me is thankful that these devices weren’t a part of everyday life when I was growing up. It is great to be connected to so many people at once, but I truly believe that we lost something along the way. We tend to dedicate so much of our attention to see how other people are living their lives that we are distracted and forget to live ours to the fullest. So the next time you’re at dinner with your family, turn off your phone for a little while and just embrace the moment. Let go of the small things and live and love life to the fullest! 


Why Italian Bracelets Are Sexy

Why Italian Bracelets Are Sexy

From luxury fashion designers to powerful sports cars, Made in Italy is notorious for quality, but is also a unique sex symbol for those who wish to indulge in life’s material pleasures. Italian woman are also notorious for their natural beauty, confidence and sixth sense when it comes to fashion. But what are the key elements that make Italian bracelets so desirable?

Casual Flair

Most people would quickly argue that “Made in Italy” only refers to sheer luxury. Well, they just might be wrong. Take for example Italian designer brand Foglianera. Born from the talent and passion of designer and goldsmith Alessandro Bean, Foglianera offers a stunning collection of custom made bracelets and other jewelry essentials that are not only sure to capture one’s attention, but also one’s heart. Handcrafted using various recovered materials, each bracelet transmits emotion, casual style and timeless beauty.


Italian Bracelets - SpontaneitySometimes you just need an accessory that allows you to leave your comfort zone and be wild, sexy and free! The We Positive Collection, for example, is a handcrafted line of bracelets that uses genuine Italian leather, original Swarovski elements and a vast combination of colors and encouraging phrases to perfectly match and compliment your unique style and personality. Mix and match with different outfits to create the perfect combination and remember to always live life to the fullest!


Italian Bracelets  - Cherry blossom Vintage HDEye-catching materials combined with the right colors can be the perfect way to step up your game. Take for example the Cherry Blossom bracelet by Desirù. It is crafted in Italy using the finest quality Japanese Kimono fabric and metal accessories. The fabric is smooth and sensual to the touch creating the ideal accessory for a girls night on the town. Studies have also shown that men are more attracted to women who wear red so keep the Cherry Blossom bracelet in mind while putting together that sexy outfit!


Italian Bracelets  - PassionNothing evokes passion like a handmade piece of artisan jewelry. Looking for something truly one-of-a-kind? You should definitely check out the Lab Matì collection. Each piece is handcrafted by master artisan Agnese Trezzi from her small workshop in Italy. One of our favorites is her Heart Bracelet crafted entirely in sterling silver. The heart charm is intertwined in a silver knot, representing the strength and endurance of true love.

Italian Style

Oh yes, we’ve all seen the Italian commercials that portray the Italian free-spirited take on life, the breathtaking coastline and the well-dressed couples strolling about hand-in-hand without a care in the world. Italian designers are constantly inspired by this natural beauty when designing new pieces and strive to unite new elements that represent this true and unaltered beauty found in everyday life. Discover Made in Italy!


7 Uniquely Beautiful Italian Coffee Tables

Looking to bring a splash of contemporary Italian style to your living room? We’ve got you covered with a handpicked selection of unique coffee tables designed and crafted in sunny Italy. New design concepts coming from Italy are revolutionizing the industry and setting the standard for the rest of the world. Made in Italy represents quality in craftsmanship and design, so when you shop “Made in Italy” you know that you are getting the best! 

Fun House Table and Chairs  1. Fun House Table and Chairs 

Minimalist design and clean lines make the Fun House Table and Chairs one of our top picks. The four chairs and table can be closed into a single block to save space when needed, or be arranged to create a combination of intricate shapes. A conversation piece in its own right, it is entirely handcrafted in iron by Italian designer and maker Marco Ripa.


Nord Petalo Coffee Table2. Nord Petalo Coffee Table 

Inspired by nature, the Nord Petalo Coffee Tables is a fun collection that unites pastel colors with traditional materials, creating a unique and beautiful centerpiece for the home. Each table is crafted using metal and solid ash wood legs. Choose between a variety of colors to create the perfect color combination for your home.  

 Puntable 60 Coffee Table 3. Puntable 60 Coffee Table

Bring your living room a touch of originality! Puntable is crafted using calamine steel, a natural and recyclable metal. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is suitable for the living room and any other space in the home. It is entirely designed and crafted in Italy by designer CaosCreo. 

Nord Quadro Coffee Table4. Nord Quadro Coffee Table 

Simple in design, yet practical and functional for everyday use, the Nord Quadro table brings together traditional materials with modern Italian design. Handcrafted using metal and ash wood, the Nord Quadro can be also combined with the Nord Petalo collection to bring a touch of color and style to the home. 100% handcrafted in Italy. 

Puzzle Coffee Table  5. Puzzle Coffee Table 

Sometimes life can be a puzzle and we just need to put the pieces together! The Puzzle Table by CaosCreo is a unique designer piece that allows you to be creative and put together the perfect coffee table to match your unique style. The perfect combination of harmony, functionality and modularity, it is available in two models, IN and OUT, and three colors (Black, Red and White). The combinations are truly endless! 100% Made in Italy. 


Mister T Coffee Table6. Mister T Coffee Table 

A coffee table that ironically mimics the silhouette of a small man, the Mister T is sure to become the center of attention. Crafted in metal, his delicate arms can hold your books and magazines while his head leans out as support. Mister T wears many colors to bring joy to the spaces where you live. 

Cobra Coffee Table 7. Cobra Coffee Table

A coffee table that can also accommodate magazines and tablets, Cobra was designed to become the essential shape. Below the semicircular top, a bend forms the sturdy legs and serves as additional storage space for magazines, books and newspapers. It is the perfect table for wherever you enjoy reading and can even be used as a nightstand. Crafted in Italy from transparent Methacrylate, it is both sturdy and functional for everyday use. 


11 Brilliant Italian Necklace Designs to Spice Up Your Style

11 Brilliant Italian Necklace Designs to Spice Up Your Style

Italy is a world trendsetter for its fashion, automobile and interior design. Producing some of the world’s most notorious designers, Italy is a country rich in history, culture and a long-held tradition in artisan craftsmanship. If we offer you a beautifully selection of Italian crafted necklaces, you know it’s the best you can get! Made in Italy has long been synonymous for its quality, unprecedented design and artistic vision that withstands the test of time. Sourced directly from artisans in Italy, our necklaces are truly one of a kind and unsurmountable in quality, craftsmanship and unique Italian style. We’ve put together a collection of 11 Italian designer necklaces that will give your style a well-deserved boost!  Continue reading